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The History of Autologue Computer Systems

About the Owner:

Having purchased a Union Oil Service Station two months after graduating from high school in 1961, at age 18, Jim Franco was known as the youngest Union Oil Dealer in the history of Union Oil Company. In 1965, he opened a Big A Auto Parts store and was the youngest Big A Jobber in the history of American Parts System. Within the 22 years at one location, he created a large machine shop -- Production Engine Rebuilder-- an 8 bay service center, a hard parts warehouse distributor plus three retail locations. The company had 30 employees that generated more than $2 million in annual sales.

In the mid 70's, Franco says he "fell in love" with computers and purchased a Triad Management System to run his auto parts business. At that time the computer did not produce invoices, have accounts receivable capabilities or even have the ability to receive purchase orders. It was just an electronic inventory posting machine. In the late 70s Franco was asked by Safeguard Business Systems to be on an advisory group to design a point of purchase system for the automotive aftermarket and Autologue Computer Systems was created.

In the early 80s, he was asked by Safeguard to install the Autologue System in his auto parts stores and become an Autologue Distributor. By 1984, Franco and three associates earned $750,000 in computer sales and the company was named the number-one Autologue Sales Distributors for the entire U.S.

In early 1985, Safeguard decided to sell Autologue because it had been losing more than $1 million a year for six years. Franco purchased Autologue that year and moved the company from New Jersey to Fullerton, CA. In 1986, he sold his auto parts stores and moved Autologue to its present facility, an 18,000-square-foot office complex in Buena Park, CA.

About the Company:

Autologue Data Systems was established in 1978. The primary product was an application software set designed for inventory intense businesses within the automotive aftermarket.

In 1991, Autologue began to market and sell turnkey systems throughout the United States and Mexico, as well as internationally. With over thirty (30) years experience, over 2,000 installed customers, excellent customer support and quality products, Autologue Computer Systems, Inc. is one of the top turnkey computer companies in the automotive aftermarket.

In 1998, Autologue purchased the Parts Logic Division of Computer Logic. By purchasing this division, Autologue acquired the Eastern division of Autologue Data Systems.

In May 1998, Autologue also purchased Southeastern Express Systems, primarily offering software and hardware support for Activant (now Epicor) Series 12 management systems. SES was located in Macon, GA, and was relocated to Autologue Corporate Headquarters in Buena Park, CA.

In October of 2001, Autologue purchased The Parts Genie, located in Lawrenceville, GA. This is a price updating service, available on CD as well as Online. It is used by many different management systems in the market today. The offices of Parts Genie remain in Lawrenceville.

In December of 2001, Autologue purchased Auto Inventory Systems (AIS), inventory management software designed for small, single store jobber/distributors. Since that time, AIS has grown into a management system used in larger multi-store configurations, and has integrated with all of Autologue's eCommerce products. It is Autologue's fastest growing and busiest division.

In January of 2002 Autologue acquired Datatron Ltd., In Waukee, IA. The Datatron software is specifically designed for Warehouse Distributors with multiple stores and includes an integrated accounting package. Datatron remains located in Waukee, and has retained its complete, experienced staff of programming, support and service personnel.

In April of 2011 Autologue acquired AutoComLink, an Internet Parts Ordering software used to connect Mitchell® garage management systems to the Autologue family of inventory management systems for parts ordering over the Internet.

In July of 2011 Autologue purchased AutoCube, a business intelligence software, from GoToSolutions, located in Ohio. This was an important acquisition for Autologue as it provides a companion product for all management systems designed to use a relational database for report generation, completely customizable by the customer. AutoCube's staff remain in Ohio and continue to develop and support this valuable product.

In September of 2011 Autologue acquired SBC Solutions in Chicago, Il. SBC has 2 innovative management software packages, one enterprise system and one Windows version. This adds the newest technology to Autologue's suite of Inventory Management systems designed exclusively for the Automotive Aftermarket. SBC is also used in several vertical markets not previously represented by Autologue, such as Garage Management, Architectural Paint and Wall Covering, and Automotive Paint and Body Equipment. SBC's offices will remain in Chicago.

In July of 2016 Autologue acquired 3 DMS's formerly owned by Wrenchhead, from eBay. They include PartsWatch, AutoEase and Maccel. PartsWatch and AutoEase are web based systems, and they utilize the latest in Windows, browser based technology. Autologue completely re-vamped the data center where these products are hosted. Maccel is currently used by many large Jobber/Distributor customers in a warehouse environment. These 3 systems bring to eight the total management systems offered by Autologue.

The most important additions to Autologue's line of products are their eCommerce offerings. At the top of the list, and Autologue's newest Web Based product is eSalesBI/CRM. This is a productivity tool for outside sales staff, with a real time connection to the management system using ePart and eOffice. Other innovative products are ePartConnection, an Internet parts ordering application, eDeliveryManagement, a web based delivery dispatch application, ePaperlessOffice, a web based application designed to store statements and invoices Online accessible by both Jobber/Distributor and their customers and eDataCommerce, a web based EDI product offering 3 way matching of PO's, ASN's and Invoices direct from manufacturers. Autologue continues to develop many new products designed to run on Autologue Central's powerful offsite servers, providing many advantages in productivity and profitability.

With the addition of the 3 systems acquired from eBay, Autologue has over 80 employees including an outside sales force of representatives who have complete and total understanding of all the Autologue software applications. In addition to their immense system knowledge and experience in the automotive aftermarket, these professionals have had the technical training required to promote, sell, train and install the different systems Autologue offers.

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