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CounterControl is the newest program that is revolutionary to the automotive industry. This product is written in a Microsoft Visual Studio environment utilizing SQL Server Express as the database. It runs on Windows operating systems and includes Touch Screen capabilities. Embedded reports are designed utilizing Crystal Reports. SBC has multiple versions of this product. Each module has special features unique to that industry segment. The industry segments include:

  • Tire and Repair Shop
  • Auto Parts Store
  • PBE Store

CounterControl retains all of the business data in an SQL relational database. Every piece of data for each and every transaction is available at any time to sort, report, retrieve, analyze, or export to other "off the shelf" software or to your own proprietary software.

CounterControl provides as much or as little access as management decides through a security setup. Every step at the Counter is done via one click or one touch to the screen. The user login determines what access is available. This also allows for multiple users per terminal. Any and all functions may be set up with a "hot button" to increase employee efficiency. Management controls for areas such as customer credit limits, price overrides, hold or quote invoices, and insufficient or negative quantity on hand may be set up with "pop up" warnings at POS, and management reports are automatically created through the report queue. The system prompts the user to special order or inter-store transfer whenever there is insufficient quantity on hand. Additionally, a special order or inter-store transfer p.o. is generated, transmitted, and tracked for fulfillment. Should a customer return a special order the system automatically generates a supplier return to avoid inventory creep.

CounterControl's cash management system is another strength in this program. There is flexibility for multiple cash drawers by user or single drawer for the store, paid ins and paid outs and ROAs at the counter, and multiple bank drops throughout the day. CounterControl is also capable of handling gift cards and coupons. Debit and Credit cards can be setup to transmit to your processor through high speed internet as well. The End of Day for the CounterControl takes only minutes of which most of the time is spent counting the cash drawer.

CounterControl's inventory, accounts receivable, and pricing modules interact to provide tremendous flexibility and at the same time tight controls. CounterControl is designed for multiple suppliers; alternate or superceded numbers; package breakdowns; sorting by category, price or part group; different cost, selling prices and core prices; quantity breaks and sales pricing for special periods of time; and so much more!

CounterControl is designed to do what the name says. Employee time clock and performance analysis and quick and easy integration with other 3rd party software packages such as QuickBooks are additional features.

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