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Counter Part

The Counter Part system offers a versatile and cost effective management tool which can be used to increase gross profits through increased employee performance, more effective inventory control and creative flexible pricing.

System flexibility is the main design criteria used by SBC. With this in mind, CounterPart makes use of the Report Generator. Customer designed reports are easily created providing meaningful information including warning reports such as price overrides, low gross profit, and hold and quote invoices created.

CounterPart's invoicing program provides a fast and accurate method of checking inventory records for availability and checking customer records for credit while providing pricing accuracy. The program allows billing addresses with multiple ship-to addresses, backorder tracking, lost sales tracking, non-stocked item tracking, inventory profitability, special order tracking, etc. All functions and types of transactions can be allowed or controlled with security at POS. The system offers multiple pricing levels with a discounting structure, up or down, on each level by customer by product line. The CounterPart invoicing system takes the pricing responsibility away from the counter and puts it under the control of management.

CounterPart's inventory and purchasing programs include powerful, comprehensive, and selective capabilities. Multi-store inventory management and consolidated purchasing is one of the strengths of the CounterPart program. The program allows for tracking, report generation and analysis of every piece of data in the inventory file, by part number, by supplier, by manufacturer.

CounterPart's account receivable program provides tremendous pricing flexibility and sales analysis to provide needed information for on-going customer service. The program is designed so that each customer record can be tailored for various types of payments, payment terms, service charges, sales analysis, etc. CounterPart offers balance-forward or open-item statements by customer. Statements can be printed as frequently as needed. As with the other programs this module allows tracking, report generation and analysis of every piece of data in the customer file.

CounterPart's employee performance program provides a time clock, sales recaps, and commissions by employee.

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