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Counter Trac

The CounterTrac wireless handheld scanner, designed to be used in conjunction with the SBC System, saves time and increases accuracy for Inventory Control, PO Receiving and Order Picking.

Inventory counting - Take CounterTrac to the shelf and scan the items. CounterTrac stores the data and with a keystroke, sends the data back to your computer. No paperwork or manual entry required.

Inventory adjustments - Just scan the items, enter the quantity, and your quantity-on-hand is automatically updated.

Inventory return - CounterTrac allows the creation of a Return to Vendor order. Simply scan the times to be returned and the order is created.

P.O. receiving - PO's can be received in a fraction of the time. Thanks to the simplicity of CounterTrac, no special training or skill is required to use the device for this task. Just scan the items (in no particular order) and you're done!

Order picking - Take the CounterTrac, select an order to be picked and the CounterTrac will direct you from item to item on that order. Once the entire order is picked, the ticket is sent back to the computer and saved as a hold ticket ready to finalized. If an incorrect item is scanned, CounterTrac will display a message alerting the user that the item(s) was not on the original order, and prompt them to remove or add to the ticket.

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