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SBC Testimonials

"I do 200 invoices a day, 25 days each month. I was paying over 4 cents each for my preprinted 3-part form, $8 a day, $200 every month. Now that I've been using your plain paper invoicing, I figure each invoice costs me just over 1 cent. I spend $2 a day and $50 every month. I just gave myself a $150 raise! My statements cost 15 cents each and we've lowered that to the same 1 cent, so I even have more savings there."
— Steve Bullock, Steve's Auto Parts

"The system I was using was becoming obsolete. It lacked a report generating capability. SBC has all the tools we needed to give us the ability to better communicate with our customers and warehouse. One of the motivating factors of looking at SBC was the initial cost of buying a system compared to other systems that I had looked at and the on-going cost of support was very competitive. Because of the many tools built into the system such as report generator and price updating, it enables us to reduce the amount of time to manage my inventory and my accounts receivables. The learning curve was acceptable because of the support and customer service. The individuals in SBC's Customer Support department are thorough and competent. With other computer suppliers in the past, we had to wait up to two days to receive customer support callbacks. That is not the case with SBC."
— Donald Derx, Henry H. Hill, Inc.

"I bought the CounterPart System for flexibility. Point of Sale is just one module of many that is offered with the system. I had critical needs to allow me to run my business more efficiently. To begin with, I needed greater flexibility in managing my inventory. The competition gives you a pre-set program and that is not acceptable to me. I saw that the CounterPart system offered me flexibility. SBC came through 100%, we have a phenomenal system."
— Rob Hillerich, Future Automotive

"Change is the only constant today in our business. Business software has to fit our ever-changing needs, and enable us to market opportunity even after the sale. SBC has done that for us. I really like the company, and it has kept pace with what I have tried to do. The system has paid for itself in just the productivity alone."
— Dan Clark, Tire Warehouse/Spartan Tire

"I would recommend the CounterPart computer system to anyone considering upgrading their existing point of sale system. We at P&S look forward to many years of satisfied service and support from SBC and the CounterPart system."
— Dave Carl, P&S Auto Parts, Inc.

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