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Datatron Accounts Payable

Datatron includes a sophisticated accounting package consisting of Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Payroll, and Checking Account which is very user-friendly. All Datatron functions are integrated with one another and can be interfaced directly to the system's General Ledger instead of having to export to some third-party package. These features are a part of the system - there are no additional modules to purchase to utilize these features.

Accounts Payable Features:

  • Complete vendor information including:
  • Year-to-date values for total billed, # vouchers paid and total discount.
  • Prior-year values for total billed and total discount.
  • Last four payments made to vendor.
  • Separate order and remit addresses can be stored.
  • List [multiple] expense accounts used when paying that vendor.
  • Store transmission settings and up to four fax numbers for purchase orders.
  • Print (or screen) the following reports:
  • Numerical Vendor Master List
  • Alphabetical master list by order name, remit name, or rep firm name.
  • Selected Vendor Information
  • Voucher Register
  • Aged Voucher Trial Balance
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • Easy selection of invoices to pay using by Due date, by Vendor, or by individual invoice
  • Automatically calculates the discount if to be paid on time.
  • Pre-Check Writing Report
  • Vendor Analysis Report
  • General Ledger Distribution Report
  • Print Accounts Payable checks with ease.
  • Maintain a history of paid invoices indefinitely.
  • Can be interfaced directly with General Ledger.
  • Multiple Accounts Payable can be kept on one system or the Accounts Payable for multiple locations can be kept at a single location and be referenced by the others.
  • Print vendor labels for a "mass" mailing.
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