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Datatron Accounts Receivable

The Datatron Business Management System is designed to be fast, accurate and dependable and includes the latest state-of-the-art technology. This powerful multi-user computer system has a wide range of business applications. Our high performance systems allow many users to share software, peripherals, mass storage and a powerful central processing unit for reduced costs on a per-user basis.

Complete Statement and payment details can be displayed for easy review. Customer information is displayed with sales and cost for the month, year-to-date, and prior year. Customer balances are updated instantly through Order Entry, working in conjunction with the customer's credit limit, to prevent customers from charging over their limit!

Accounts Receivable Features:

  • Each store location can have it's own Accounts Receivable or all locations can have a consolidation of all Accounts Receivables.
  • Store notes on a per-customer basis and have them displayed in Order Entry.
  • Set up multiple telephone numbers.
  • Separate billing and shipping addresses.
  • Ability to require PO numbers when invoicing certain customers in Order Entry.
  • Customers' PO numbers can be printed on their statements.
  • Customer balances and sales figures are updated instantly at the end of each invoice.
  • The system automatically assigns a credit rating based on how much a customer buys and how well the customer pays.
  • Immediate posting of payments to open balances.
  • Can mix balance-forward and open-item accounting customers.
  • Compute and post finance charges to customer accounts at any time.
  • Print an unpaid collection report at any time during the month.
  • Print an aged trial balance report for any date combination.
  • View the previous month's statement balance and discounts allowed at any time.
  • Set a statement discount rate and a finance charge percent by customer.
  • Prohibit charging to a customer no matter what.
  • Have List Price print or not print on invoices on per-customer basis.
  • Ability to automatically print a duplicate copy of an invoice.
  • Print monthly or weekly statements (at any time during the month) that include:
  • Monthly sales memos on each statement.
  • Specified credit memos on statements, as determined by the credit rating.
  • Specify separate discount dates for "monthly" and "weekly" customers.
  • Each Customer is automatically evaluated to determine advisability of additional credit extension.
  • Alphabetical customer listing can be printed with credit rating for each customer.
  • Mailing labels can be printed for each customer.
  • Monthly report shows amount of sales tax to pay to each state, county, and city.
  • Print sales analysis by customer, salesman and customer type.
  • Ability to have statements for selected A/R customers faxed or emailed to them automatically when running the statement program.
  • Fax reprints of invoices to customers directly from the system.
  • Print statements (at any time) for only those customers with an "over" amount (i.e. 30, 60, or 90 days past due).
  • Quickly view only invoices which remain open for open-time customer accounts.
  • Retain a customer's payment history (amount, date, and either apply-to # or check #) indefinitely, keeping it as part of the customer record.
  • Statements can be mailed, put on internet via eOffice, faxed, or eMailed.
  • Can rank customers by sales, gross margin %, or gross margin $.
  • For Customers having multiple locations, one statement for all locations can be sent to a single location of their choice.
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