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Datatron Electronic Catalog Integration

Datatron offers two different integrations of the Activant PartExpert® catalog:

  1. A "traditional" interface using Activant's CIM version of the PartExpert catalog which is very familiar to anyone coming off an Activant or Triad system.
  2. A custom interface that behaves more like the rest of the Datatron system programming which makes more options available to users like running multiple sessions at the same time and viewing (and even printing) available diagrams on graphical thin-clients and PCs.


Activant's "CIM" interface to the PartExpert® catalog:

  • Easy to use interface significantly reduces the time to train new personnel and increase part look-up accuracy.
  • Provides multiple access paths to get to the right part quickly.
  • Access to complete part information including: Part description, part number, manufacturer comments and footnotes, quantity needed per vehicle, and the pricing and quantity on hand from your inventory on the Datatron system.
  • Additional information including: Part fitment range of years for vehicle, fluid capacities and various specifications such as torque and spark plug gap, part and system diagrams as well as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) information.
  • Catalog information is stored on the same system as the Datatron programming for extremely fast catalog lookups.
  • The CIM interface is very familiar to anyone coming off an Activant, older Triad system or other system that utilized this common interface.
  • Most functions are performed by using keyboard function keys which can increase the speed of catalog lookups as the user becomes more experienced with the program.
  • The information displayed can be customized (with some limitations).


Datatron's own interface to the PartExpert® catalog:

  • Continue to run multiple program sessions (what we commonly refer to as "flip" screens) without having to leave the catalog.
  • Ability to bring available graphics up on PCs and XP-embedded thin client terminals.
  • More control for Datatron to add and/or change options on the screens as needs and features are added or changed.
  • Ability to change Category and Group listings from Activant's defaults.
  • Not dependent on the emulation being supported by the PartExpert® catalog programs so it can work any terminal which can access the Datatron system.
  • Ability to have more than one catalog session pulled-up on a terminal at one time and "flip" between the two if needed.
  • No function keys to remember.
  • Ability to integrate Activant's Cover-to-Cover™.
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