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Datatron Checking Account

Datatron includes a sophisticated accounting package consisting of Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Payroll, and Checking Account which is very user-friendly. All Datatron functions are integrated with one another and can be interfaced directly to the system's General Ledger instead of having to export to some third-party package. These features are a part of the system - there are no additional modules to purchase to utilize these features.

Checking Account Features:

  • Accessible only by using a password for security.
  • Automatically posted to by Payroll and Accounts Payable.
  • Can be automatically interfaced with General Ledger (instantly).
  • Bank Reconciliation feature makes a task that is usually time-consuming quick and easy.
  • Easily generate "on demand" checks for incidental payments not tracked through Accounts Payable or payment to anyone not itemized in Accounts Payable. If not using Accounts Payable, allows posting to prior months.
  • Multiple Checking Accounts can be kept on one system or a checking account for multiple locations can be kept at a single location and be referenced by the others.
  • Screen Checking Account balance in all logs on one screen.
  • If using multiple Checking Accounts, you can post to different General Ledgers, or if posting to one General Ledger you can post to different General Ledger accounts.
  • Checking Account can be viewed at any time with or without source (AP, AR, PR, etc.) and distribution (GL account number) information.
  • Control whether or not book balance is displayed on the check writing screen.
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