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Datatron Daily Summary Report

The Daily Sales Reports provides information on sales activities for each day. This report is a valuable tool for reviewing the productivity and efficiency of daily business transactions.

All of the following information is compiled in less than a minute so it is easy to run at the end of every day (just before you leave) or the system can be programmed to run it automatically so you don't have to!

Daily Summary Report Features:

  • Bank deposit recap
  • Battery adjustment transactions
  • Cancelled invoices
  • Cash and credit card sales journal
  • Cash drawer recap
  • Changes of customer prices
  • Charge sales and COD journal
  • COD sales and returns
  • Core return transactions
  • Customer backorders
  • Cylinder transactions
  • Department recap
  • Direct-shipment transactions
  • Hold tickets that were added, changed, & deleted and ones that remain outstanding
  • Invoicing from branch store(s) and inter-store transfers
  • Invoices which have been "dated"
  • Labor transactions
  • Low margin transactions (detailing all invoice line items which fall below a minimum gross margin previously set by management)
  • Items added to inventory using the /NI ("New Item") command in Order Entry
  • Outside purchase transactions
  • Outstanding pick tickets (warehouse logs)
  • Rebate transactions
  • Received On Account journal
  • Regular credit invoices can be listed separately for easy review
  • Salesman recap (# of invoices, # of items sold, sales, cost, and gross margin %)
  • Sales tax collected (by state, county, city)
  • Special charge transactions
  • Suspect charge invoices (a listing, by salesman, of charges to customers with poor credit ratings — a rating which the system automatically computes based on the customer's sales and payment history)
  • Warranty return transactions
  • Credit Card sales and returns
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