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Datatron Hardware Features

Server Features
  • IBM RS/6000 with 2 or more 64-bit RISC processors.
  • Linux systems with a single 64-bit CISC processor work well when the higher cost, expanded features, and increased reliability of an IBM isn't necessarily needed.
  • Ultra-SCSI 320 drives from 36GB to 144GB with RAID mirroring available.
  • SDRAM primary memory from 1GB to 256GB.
  • Redundant power supplies come standard on IBM systems.
  • Streaming tape backups or DVD-RAM from 4GB to 150GB.
  • Branch communications via frame-relay, internet, or traditional analog or digital lines.


Printer Features

  • Bi-directional printing at 435 CPS (Characters Per Second).
  • High speed laser printers
  • Draft, Condensed, or Near-Letter-Quality print.
  • Prints 135 lines per minute.
  • Prints 80 or 132 characters per line.
  • High-speed printers are available for applications that require more performance.
  • Optional paper tape receipt printers are available.
  • Optional bar code label printers are available.
  • Can print shelf and price labels


Display Options and Features

  • PCs, thin client PCs, and traditional "dumb" terminals can all be used.
  • Thin client features include:
    • Highly dependable, low cost of ownership.
    • Inexpensive, easy to replace keyboards, monitors and mice.
    • Integrated browser for catalog diagrams and basic internet access.
    • Traditional terminal emulations.
    • Programmable function keys.
    • Various degrees of security.


Optional Hardware

  • Electric cash drawers.
  • Mutliple wireless bar code scanners
  • Function keys can be utilized so that certain terminals can open specific drawers from various locations on the Order Entry & Invoicing screens.
  • Multiple drawers can be used at a single location.
  • Programming supports easy management of multiple drawers for greater security.



  • ePart Online Ordering Tool ( is included as part of the Datatron system, giving you the ability to offer your customers an on-line parts catalog to look up their parts and, within seconds, see both your current availability and their pricing. They can then place an order for the parts that will automatically print on the POS printer of the store that supplies them - all without picking up the phone.
  • Secure Shell (SSH) software allows secure (128-bit encrypted) communication with your system from anywhere in the world across the public internet.
  • Ability to allow selected customers restricted access your POS screen directly from their PCs (either over the internet or via a dial-up connection).
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