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Datatron's stock balancing transfer program, minimum/maximum stocking levels, and twenty-six months of sales history, ensures accurate inventory levels. The stock balancing transfer program, which far exceeds any other comparable program on the market, also guards against overstocking and obsolete inventory.

Multiple price levels plus the ability to have an unlimited customer pricing index, offers the most complete pricing matrix in the industry. This helps achieve maximum sales dollars and increased profit margins!

General Information:

  • Part number, status, and tax code data.
  • Unlimited amount of notes per part number that can be screened/not screened in invoicing or picking tickets.
  • Multiple barcodes can be kept for a single part and a quanitity is associated wth each barcode.
  • Two classifications: "Manufacturer" and five "Own" class codes.
  • Descriptions: Simple and extended.
  • Line code and part number (up to 18 characters).
  • Three character alpha/numeric sub-line codes to further break down the Line.
  • Status information: Renumber to, superseded by, discontinued, replaces #, etc.
  • Selling unit (EA-each, PR-pair, BX-box, etc.).
  • Weight
  • Year acquired.
  • Ability to password-protect the Inventory Maintenance screen and also limit the information displayed in the Inquiry screen so you can control the amount of information your counter pros can access.
  • Ability to forward/back only to stocked items when viewing inventory information in the Inventory Inquiry and Inventory Maintenance programs making it easier to work in large product lines which have been fully loaded into the inventory file.


Price/Cost Information:

  • Actual cost of quantities on hand based on receiving cost.
  • Date of last price update.
  • 9 price fields, 2 core fields, and 3 extra costing options.
  • Three special Optional Prices for ordering, receiving and costing inventory.
  • Total sales, cost, and gross margin % (both year-to-date and prior year figures).
  • LIFO value.


Stocking Information:

  • Average sale quantity.
  • Date first stocked.
  • Minimum and maximum stocking quantities.
  • "Quantity On Hand" shown as well as "Quantity Available".
  • Thirteen 2-month "buckets" of sales history.
  • Ability to flag if the part should be stocked using the per-vehicle quantity when calculating min/max levels.


Reorder Information:

  • Last order / Last receipt date / Last invoice #.
  • Quantities on order, on backorder, and on picking tickets shown for warehouses.
  • Quantities on customer telephone order, on telephone backorder, and regular customer backorder shown for jobber locations.
  • Standard package or minimum order quantity shown.
  • Vendor numbers stored for 1st (primary) and 2nd (alternate) vendors.
  • Shows special Factory Direct quantities which can be ignored on a soon to be made order.
  • Shows status of ASNs (Advanced Shipping Notices)
  • Shows "on Dock" quantities (quantities that have arrived but not put away yet.)
  • Shows the quantities slated for a vendor return but not shipped yet.
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