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Inventory Reports

The Datatron system can produce a variety of reports to serve many purposes — very detailed ones for specific results or ones to provide a broader view of company information. Any of the following reports can be screened, screened then printed, or sent directly to a printer.

Selected Inventory Info Report:

  • Likely the most-powerful inventory report generator program you will ever see (and most popular)!
  • Choose from over 80 different fields (from the inventory file) in the order you would like them screened or printed - literally thousands of report possibilities!
  • For most fields, further options are given to help refine the information reported.
  • Re-sort items if needed and single- or double-space the results for easier review.
  • Ability to select multiple locations in the same report.
  • Print only from the "unsorted" area of the inventory file to limit the report to lines/items just added.
  • An additional option can be chosen so the resulting report can be used for stock count.


Other Inventory-Related Reports:

  • Simple summary of number of items and inventory values for each line, or line and product group for a single, multiple, or all locations.
  • Stock Level Calculation of minimum and maximum stocking quantities - this program far exceeds any other comparable program on the market.
  • Sales Ranking reports sales from top to bottom, or from bottom to top. It also allows the assignment of a Manufacturer code or up to 5 different Own class codes to the items.
  • Overstock reports based on sales criteria or min/max levels that can be sent to the Reclass (return) file for final processing.
  • Return on Investment report
  • Inactive Stock Summary
  • Excessive Stock Print-out
  • Reclassification Report
  • A simple Stock Count Report can be run that will print only "suspect" items specifically marked by the invoicing and other programs.
  • Shelf Count Report for counting an entire line or a portion of a line (report can be saved to make entering any corrections to inventory much easier).
  • Comparison of selected inventory information from multiple branch inventories.
  • Lost Sales Report to assist in determining which items to stock.
  • Rebate Report for credit claims to vendors.
  • Battery Adjustment Report for tracking pro-rated exchanges.
  • Core Return Report for tracking cores to be sent back to suppliers.
  • Warranty/Defect Report for tracking defective items to be sent back to suppliers.
  • Print a report of customer invoices in various formats and sorting them in numerous ways depending on the information desired including a comparison of sales from one year to another over a specified period of time.
  • Labor Detail Report by customer, and Labor Summary Report with machinist's totals and totals by type of job.
  • Outside Purchases Report
  • Warehouse Returns both as a packing list for defective items returned and as a check on dollar credit subsequently issued.
  • Customer Core Report either by core or customer
  • Customer Backorder Report
  • Customer Price Sheets by customer and line
  • Vendor Invoice Summary can be used to cross-check supplier's billings
  • Vendor Backorder Report
  • Receiving Long And Short Report for credit claims.
  • Audit of certain operator entries for owner's or manager's review.
  • Salesman Commission Report for calculating and reporting commissions and other types of sales-related rewards.
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