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Datatron Order Entry (Invoicing)

Through the Order Entry programming, countermen are supplied with accurate inventory and pricing information so they are able to serve your customers in a quick and efficient manner. While invoice transactions are occurring, the customer's account, inventory sales history, part number tracking files, customer backorder file and all other relevant files are updated simultaneously.

Order Entry Features:

  • All necessary inventory and customer records are updated the instant an invoice is finalized.
  • Integrated cataloging not only shows pricing and availability within the catalog, it also allows part numbers selected within the catalog to be automatically transferred back into the current invoice or pick ticket (without re-entering any information!). Access to the catalog with only one keystroke.
  • Ability to interchange a part number using the PartExpert¨ catalog.
  • Override the price, description, and quantity after an item is already selected (with security).
  • Search for a part number or line code.
  • Enter a part number without a line code and all possible "matches" will be displayed (adding dashes and/or spaces to the part number if needed) so the correct one can be chosen.
  • Force the salesman to "confirm" when selling to a negative quantity on hand.
  • Ability to search for a customer by name or go further and create a custom index file which can include phone numbers, etc. — anything else to identify customers.
  • Over-credit-limit lock-out with the ability to override using a password.
  • Set up special note information on a per-customer basis and have it displayed automatically (if present) when beginning an invoice for the customer.
  • Cost, Jobber and GM% can each be displayed as a code on the order entry screen.
  • Ability to display all prices when overriding a price.
  • Greater control over selling price overrides with the ability to set up to 2 minimum prices with passwords (one minimum for counterpeople and another, lower, one for management for example).
  • Notify a counterman when a purchase order number is required for a customer.
  • Complete pricing matrix by customer and product group.
  • Ability to track labor separately.
  • Track customer backorders.
  • Track lost sales, and the reason for each lost sale.
  • View detailed sales history for a part to a particular customer from within the invoice and picking ticket programs.
  • Automatically search a customer's purchase history when a part is being returned and print on the invoice.
  • Have alternate items automatically displayed when calling up parts.
  • Sell and return part numbers on the same invoice.
  • Allow selected customer accounts restricted access to your POS screen (via modem or internet) to check stock and create an invoice or pick ticket.
  • Stock inquiry and transferring between branch locations can easily be done directly from the invoicing or pick ticket programs.
  • As items are invoiced to a customer, they can be automatically transferred from other locations when finalizing the invoice, simultaneously creating all necessary paperwork for the customer and the inventory transfers at all locations involved.
  • Put items and shop labor on hold tickets for later billing, with the option to subtract the items immediately from inventory or when the final invoice is created.
  • Flag items for stock count from within the invoicing program.
  • Easily calculate battery adjustments and record them for reporting later when returning them to the manufacturer.
  • Cylinder (acetylene-oxygen or propane) sales and returns with automatic demurrage billing.
  • Separate "kit" invoicing allows you to sell a particular kit part number, but to reduce the quantity on hand and to record sales history on the components of the kit rather than on the kit part number itself.
  • When constructing a "kit", the cost can be automatically set using the cost of the parts that make it up.
  • Automatic billing and tracking of up to 65000 different sales taxes to provide for the ever-changing tax rates.
  • Considerable control over customer accounts: Allow invoicing only at certain locations, select a "normal" invoice type, and locking them out altogether are only a few of the wide variety of controls available.
  • Specific payment information (i.e. type of credit card used or specific check #) can be entered (even required) so that it is not only printed on the original copy of the invoice but is also available if the invoice is to be screened or re-printed later.
  • Multiple cash drawers can be maintained, even assigning them to a specific salesman, group of salesmen, or department with the ability to run a report at any time during the day so that the amount(s) in them can be verified.
  • Automatic invoice discounts can be set on a per-customer basis.
  • Request a reason from the salesman for a selling price override and have that reason appear with the entry in the log of price overrides which appears on the Daily Summary Report.
  • A powerful Parts Ledger program (giving a detailed purchase history of a part) can be screened directly from the Invoicing and Picking Ticket screens.
  • Salesman commission with numerous options for setup and reporting as well as the option to transfer records to a single location to make it easier to manage.
  • Inventory prices can be updated manually, via an ASCII file, or by using Autologue's monthly Parts Genie price updating.
  • Can display unlimited number of "Notes" per part number on the invoicing screens.

This list literally goes on and on!

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