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Part Expert® Electronic Parts Catalog

Get It Right! Get It Fast! Get PartExpert“

Activant's (formerly CCI-Triad) PartExpert® electronic part lookup database provides timely, accurate access to nearly 4,000,000 part numbers in more than 2,900 automotive aftermarket manufacturer product lines. Expanded coverage for domestic and import models contains 1968 to current model year including P-Series trucks/vans and 1962-1967 Volkswagens. Broader manufacturer and vehicle coverage improves buyout efficiency and virtually eliminates paper catalog lookups. The intelligence built into PartExpert® displays only valid year, make, model and engine combinations, eliminating time wasting searches on non-existent vehicles. Indexed Part Descriptions help both novice and experienced counter pros quickly identify and locate any part (without even knowing the vehicle system) with just a few keystrokes. Navigating through catalog information is a breeze.

Datatron offers two catalog interfaces to choose from! If you are coming off a Triad system, Activant's standard interface will be very familiar to you. However, Datatron also offers a custom interface that not only behaves more like the rest of the system programming, it also allows available diagrams to be viewed on (and printed from) thin-clients and PCs. Click here to view the features and benefits of each catalog interface.

PartExpert® Is Comprehensive The "All Lines" option is just the tool you need to manage the automotive aftermarket's parts "explosion" and to improve part locating and buy-outs. Gain instant access to nearly 4,000,000 application part numbers and prices. Electronic data input from participating manufacturers provides rapid availability of new applications.

PartExpert® Is Powerful Over 17,000 printable graphics provide built-in visual reference for many hard to identify parts. Smart Model and Engine Help features cross-reference vehicle models and engine types to aid in older model vehicle identification. Instantly access vehicle VIN tables to display vital lookup information. Online bulletin boards highlight monthly catalog changes. Tire fitment and air pressure, lug nut torque, fluid capacities, and brake & tune-up specifications add extra value to the PartExpert® catalog.

PartExpert® Is Profitable Available on both AIX and Linux, PartExpert® is designed to meet your needs, now and in the future. Drive productivity, sales and profits. Get Activant's industry leading electronic part lookup database working for you.

PartExpert® Is Easy to Use Activant's standard user interface significantly increases accuracy of part lookups while reducing new personnel training time. PartExpert® asks only questions required to find the right part (i.e. doesn't require "engine size" questions for brake parts, wiper blades, or other non-engine lookups). Specific Conditions eliminates the guesswork by removing non-applicable choices and only showing the right parts. Since only applicable parts are displayed, the simplified screen enhances both accuracy & productivity.

Don't Settle for "Almost as Good"... Get the Best... Get PartExpert®!

Sure, there are other part catalogs. Some of them claim to be "almost as good" as Activant's PartExpert®. "Almost as good" means sending out "just a few" wrong parts daily, missing "just a couple" of sales because the part wasn't in the catalog, or frustrating "just a small amount" of electronic business with complicated navigation.

In today's fiercely competitive marketplace, you can't afford to put business at risk. When fractions of a percent make the difference, your counter pros need the best tools available to get the job done. For about the cost of uniforms, PartExpert® gives them the edge... all day, every day.

When your competitor loses a multi-thousand-dollar-a-month account because of one too many wrong parts sent or one too many "we don't have it", you and PartExpert® will be ready for the extra business. Because, in our business, "almost as good" just isn't good enough.

The "Triad catalog" has been a cornerstone of the aftermarket parts distribution industry for over 15 years. Today, PartExpert® continues to lead the way into the new millennium with even more features that increase productivity and profits.

PartExpert® Features:

  • Catalog is application-driven vs. vehicle-driven.
  • The automotive aftermarket's most accurate and complete electronic parts and pricing database.
  • It has the most comprehensive coverage with nearly 4,000,000 part numbers from over 2,900 manufacturer product lines.
  • Two different catalog interfaces to choose from: Activant's standard user interface (very familiar to those that have used it) or Datatron's custom interface that also allows access to available diagrams on thin-clients & PCs.
  • Specific Condition Logic removes guess work by filtering data prior to displaying the results on the screen.
  • Indexed Part Descriptions.
  • Part description, part number, manufacturer comments and footnotes, quantity needed per vehicle, pricing and quantity on hand all displayed on one screen.
  • Part fitment range of years for vehicle.
  • Fluid capacities and various specifications such as torque and spark plug gap.
  • Part and system diagrams.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) information.


PartExpert® Benefits:

  • Increases the professional image of the counterperson.
  • Reassures consumer confidence when only appropriate questions are asked.
  • Fewer returns mean lower restocking costs.
  • Reduced claims bring higher profits.
  • Satisfied customers get the right parts.
  • Choosing the buyout prices improves your profit margins.
  • "All lines" provides instant coverage for brand-conscious customers.
  • Find all the information you need to close the sale.
  • Quote the right price... fast.
  • More-professional counter pros impress customers and make more sales.
  • Fewer questions means less time spent on look-up, more time spent on sales.
  • Saves time by asking only the questions required to find the right part.
  • Improves accuracy & reduces confusion by displaying only applicable parts.
  • Speeds navigation with less scrolling.
  • Increases accuracy and productivity in both novice and experienced counter pros.
  • Faster lookups save time, improve efficiency and increase sales volumes.
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