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Datatron Parts Ledger

The Parts Ledger program allows a user various methods of selecting product lines and items and show all of the items' sales and returns, receiving activity, outstanding hold ticket quantities which have been subtracted from inventory, as well as inventory longs and shorts. On top of all this, it can also provide a user a real quick and easy way to pull up an invoice or hold ticket so that it may be printed, faxed, or emailed to a customer.

Parts Ledger Features:

  • Specify a particular product line and part number and be given a current quantity on hand and a detailed transaction list of how the computer arrived at that quantity. Select a particular transaction and the user is given all of the details of that transaction.
  • Can be accessed from multiple places in the Datatron programming like Inventory Maintenance, Inventory Inquiry, and the Report/Screen Menu.
  • Various invoice options including summary, summary with items, detail of a specific hold ticket number, and detail of a specific invoice number.
  • Numerous ways to drill-down to a specific invoice at which point you always have the option to print, fax, or email the detail.
  • Lines/items can be selected either by starting with the customer who bought the item or currently has it on a hold ticket (i.e. start by bringing-up an invoice or hold ticket) or by simply specifying the line/item you wish to review.
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