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Datatron Total Support Program

Initial Contact
  • A Datatron Sales Representative will demonstrate the system and provide a detailed written analysis of your business to determine your specific needs. A formal written proposal will then be prepared for you.


Premliminary Schedule:

  • Once the purchase agreement has been signed a professional coordinator will discuss an implementation schedule of tasks to be completed by the customer and Datatron. To get your system up and running smoothly.


Hardware Installation and Training:

  • The Datatron hardware will be installed while your business continues to run smoothly. Upon completion of the hardware installation, a Datatron Representative will train you and your personnel on all aspects of the Datatron System.



  • Datatron will electronically transfer your existing data information from your previous computer system with minimal down time! This saves you of TIME and MONEY!


Complete On Site Training:

  • Your staff will receive professional training by Datatron Representatives who are experienced in your industry and is an expert on the system. You will be guided through every level of training needed to operate your system confidently.


Hotline Service:

  • Trained Customer Service professionals are always just a TOLL FREE telephone call away to give you the extra support you deserve! If you should have a question or experience hardware, software, or user problems, simply call the Customer Service Hotline and you will be connected with a Representative who, will solve the problem right over the phone!
  • Our representatives can also connect to your computer system either by modem or over the internet when troubleshooting problems or answering questions.
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