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The Datatron System can automatically create Purchase Orders to vendors, with the option to preview any order by creating a Purchase Advice Report. This report will assist the purchasing staff to determine which inventory items are to be ordered. The Purchase Advice Report is also very valuable when making purchasing decisions based on weight or dollar amounts to reduce shipping costs.

Purchasing Features:

  • Any single item can be ordered from multiple vendors, at different prices, even printing different part numbers on the order.
  • In multi-location installations, orders can be sent to branch stores or warehouses, then a combined order can be sent to vendors.
  • Items can be scanned for receiving using bar codes.
  • Non-shipped items can either be backordered or cancelled.
  • When purchasing for multiple stores through one location, transfer the lost sales for all branches into one for a better idea of items that need to be stocked.
  • Reordering of slower-moving items can be automatically delayed (to see if any get returned right away) resulting in significantly reduced overstock.
  • Orders can be transmitted using the Transnet protocol via dial-up or the internet.
  • The ability to fax purchase orders directly from the server eliminates the hassle of manually feeding a printed order into a fax machine as it also increases the clarity of the order on the receiving end.
  • Orders can also be faxed directly from the server with optional third-party software.
  • Other locations can first be checked for overstock and any overstock can be automatically transferred between locations before an order is created.
  • Price labels or shelf labels can automatically be printed for applicable received items.
  • Purchase Orders are received and posted into inventory by Automatic Receiving which make it so the operator only enters the difference between quantities ordered and the quantities actually received.
  • Invoice items without updating inventory information increases the accuracy of purchasing by ignoring information which should not be considered.
  • Certain orders can be flagged as "factory direct" so the order quantities can be later ignored, if desired, when making subsequent orders.
  • Flag an order (on Dock) that just arrived but not yet posted to inventory so that an item can at least show that it could have just arrived. This is particularly helpful where orders arrive throughout the day and it's possible some could sit for a long time before they get checked-in and the items posted to inventory during which time sales could be lost.
  • Various components of the receiving programs make the posting of large orders which arrive in parts very easy to manage.
  • Since items can have multiple costs, all possible costs are automatically displayed in the receiving programs to provide for greater accuracy.
  • Very powerful Stock Level Computation program can calculate (automatically if desired) order levels for you based on a wide range of factors including # of weeks to stock, order lead time, manufacturer and/or own class, seasonal demand, new sales, lost sales and much, much more.
  • ASN (advanced shipping notice) shows status of items shipped, or not, and provides checking of cost prices.
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