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Datatron software will improve your bottom line. We realize that the auto parts business is tough and the competition fierce which is why we keep such powerful software very affordable. Inventory management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, time clock, payroll, and checking account are all completely integrated into one software package designed to work well with multiple locations as easily as it does just one.

Some highlights of the Datatron software:

  • Integrated Activant (formerly CCI-Triad) PartExpert® electronic catalog displays current inventory and pricing within the catalog and allows part numbers to be selected and brought back into the current invoice without having to retype info.
  • Two catalog interfaces to choose from! If you are coming off a Triad system, Activant's standard interface will be very familiar to you. However, Datatron also offers a custom interface with the some significant advantages:
  • Behaves like the rest of the system programming.
  • Available diagrams can be viewed (and printed) if terminal is a PC.
  • Continue to be able to toggle between your terminal's sessions while in the catalog.
  • Parts-Genie manufacturer price updating from the Internet or CD keeps your prices up-to-date to help optimize profitability.
  • Besides Inventory Control and Accounts Receivable, there is a fully-integrated accounting package that includes Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Payroll, and Checking Account, all part of the system - no additional software modules to buy.
  • Ability to run multiple jobs on any one terminal increases productivity by not having to finish or exit from one task to begin another. Help multiple customers at one time without having to exit one invoice to work on another, just "flip" to a second screen to perform another task without interrupting what you were doing on the first.
  • Invoices are printed quickly on dot matrix or laser printers. Inventory and sales files are updated immediately. Automatic nightly functions like reports, sorting, file updating, are performed unattended.
  • Unlimited flexibility in customer pricing options, including customer pricing exceptions (by line, item, product group, related to a pricing plan, and date) and Velocity Pricing.
  • Everything is "date-driven" (versus storing certain figures in "buckets"). A very minimal amount of daily and month-end processing is needed to maintain sales histories, dollar figures, etc. and all of the processing can be automated quite easily.
  • Automatic lookup to be sure a customer purchased an item before a return is allowed.
  • Complete bar code capabilities for invoicing, receiving, and labeling with conversion options to aid when inputting new lines and items.
  • Ability to calculate a different list price on a per-customer basis so if they are reselling the item, they can get a desired gross margin.
  • Cylinder (acetylene-oxygen or propane) sales and returns with automatic demurrage billing.
  • Track customer purchases indefinitely and create a multitude of reports in various formats depending on the need. Even compare sales over given periods of time.
  • Ability to flag items for stock count from the invoicing program.
  • Ability to review quantities, stocking levels and sales histories on a single screen for all locations at one time.
  • Separate screens for displaying inventory information.
  • Password-protect the Inventory Maintenance screen for greater security.
  • Ability to control what information is displayed on the Inventory Inquiry screen depending on any desire to keep certain information hidden.
  • Sales histories for every part number are automatically maintained for two years for each location. The system will also suggest stocking levels for each location based on its sales history, and phase-in and phase-out recommendations.
  • Extensive Dealer Inventory programming not only tracks customer sales (and costs) but also allows you to set order quantities, print Stock Count sheets, and manage those inventories more easily.
  • Time Management programs give the ability to view sales based on type, salesman, day of week, date, and time to help with scheduling employees.
  • Complete Vendor Return system allows easy selection, management, and return of new merchandise, cores, warranties, and battery adjustments. New merchandise being returned can even be invoiced to a customer or branch location.
  • Assign a cash drawer to a specific salesman, group, or department and then be able to run a report at any time during the day (detail or just the totals) for the drawer so the amount can be verified. Utilize multiple cash drawers at a single location.
  • Ability to fax and/or email reprints of invoices, statements, and purchase orders directly from the system. Statements can be sent [to those selected to received via fax or email] automatically when running the statement program.
  • Ability to schedule tasks for "nightly processing" not only helps maintain optimum system performance (by sorting all data files, performing system backup, etc), common tasks can be also be performed [automatically] by the system saving both time and money.
  • A powerful Parts Ledger program (giving the purchase history of a part) can be screened directly from the Inventory Maintenance, Invoicing and Picking Ticket screens to view all the transactions that make up the current quantity-on-hand. Select a given transaction to view it in greater detail.
  • There is a shortcut to Customer Maintenance and Customer Inquiry screens (from Order Entry) providing a person the ability to look-up and/or manage customers without giving them access to the rest of Accounts Receivable.
  • Password-protect the Customer Maintenance screen for greater security.
  • Ability to prevent certain information from being displayed on the Customer Inquiry screen for greater control over what others can see.
  • Can import and export data to and from Excel or to be emailed or massaged.
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