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Datatron Time Clock

The Datatron Business System includes a time clock feature allowing clocking in/out on your terminal right at your work station. The resulting hours can then be automatically interfaced with the Datatron Business System Payroll module. Notable features are listed below.

Time Clock Features Include:

  • Time clock system allows users to check in and out from the Order Entry menu.
  • Can print or screen an employee's records at any time or all records by date.
  • Screen employees still "checked-in" at any time.
  • The phone number for an employee is automatically displayed in the Time Clock program to make it quick and easy to find.
  • Manual changes are marked as such and the mark cannot be removed (for greater security).
  • Time clock can be interfaced directly to Payroll eliminating the need to re-enter information.
  • Time Clock Report features:
    • Ability to specify different cutoff dates
    • Round minutes up, down or to nearest quarter hour
    • Process multiple locations at one time
    • Can be run at any time for a single person or all employees
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