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Datatron Warehouse Features

The Datatron system is a full-featured Warehouse AND Jobber system. Warehouses (and many supply businesses) have different requirements than those of a retail store. Datatron provides additional programming for "warehouse" locations to accommodate the different way they manage inventories, invoice customers, and move product to branch locations which vary from the way most "retail" establishments do it.

Some of Datatron's warehouse features include:

  • All pick tickets for a customer during the day can be "batched" into one invoice - handy for the customers who have several orders a day.
  • Automatic picking tickets for customer backordered items when the items become available.
  • Orders from branch "logs" (locations) are easily handled as pick tickets, and all quantities move automatically between inventories when the pick tickets are invoiced.
  • Orders to vendors can be produced regardless of outstanding pick tickets since the pick ticket quantities are taken into account when calculating order quantities.
  • Picking tickets are printed in your zone/aisle/bin order but can be sorted back into the customer's original order sequence on their invoice if desired.
  • Picking ticket items are evaluated to see if they should ship - if they do not ship as expected, they are automatically flagged for stock count.
  • Picking tickets can be saved as quotes rather than being processed as pick tickets, then turned into pick tickets at a later time.
  • Have certain items automatically print to certain pick ticket printers based on the zones which they are in for greater efficiency pulling orders.
  • Messages can be set up to print on specific customer's pick tickets on a per-order and/or per-page basis.
  • Separate programs for crediting core, warranty, and new merchandise returns.
  • Barcode receive branch store (and warehouse) transfers for greater speed and accuracy.
  • Invoice/delete branch core returns using the branch location's own core file so that the items come up for selection provides a nice alternative to manual entry.
  • Picking tickets can be sent to wireless bar code scanners for picking.
  • Automatically fill in the shipped quantity from the quantity available.
  • Ability to have "will call" picking tickets go to separate printers.
  • Picking tickets can be created from Web (internet) orders.
  • Fill rate reports can be generated from the invoiced picking ticket.
  • Can invoice/credit direct shipments to Customers without the picking tickets.
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