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"In the fall of 2013 we had reached the decision to change platforms. I first visited my Doctor and did the appropriate EKG test to confirm my heart could handle a Computer system change. Once I got the Doctors ok we proceeded to look at our options. We had been on our one and only system from 1992-2014! This was a big change. We investigated many platforms and decided on Autologue’s SBC platform. Autologue SBC offered a good value and a great support system for us. With our retail sales and our progression into the wholesale market we felt SBC was a platform that could do both. The date was set for July 14 th 2014 to make the change. We were impressed on how much upfront support and training SBC provided. We ran a demo system at all locations for weeks prior to the “go live date”. We did weekly webinars so all the staff was ready to make sales when we went live. On the back side it couldn’t have gone smoother. All our current data was being captured and loaded into the new system. All aspects of the system were covered prior to the go live date. The day before the go live date Jessica arrived and we got all set for the next day. The “go live” went awesome! All the staff was impressed how well they felt we had prepared them for this. It will be 3 years this July since that date. As a Pronto member I hear negative comments from members about their platforms the common one is “lack of Support”. On our prior platform all we heard was “our system doesn’t do that”. What a difference with Autologue! The staff is always eager to make a difference in our business. We call with questions and we get answers and help. Our calls are treated like an opportunity to grow the benefits of the SBC platform not as a complaint. The customer service is truly amazing! Too many names to list! With ever update we are able to provide better service to our customers. SBC Autologue really listens to customers. Bob Fasano is always sharing ideas with us and asking us what we would like to see improved. What a change from the past. Thanks to all at Autologue for all the support and great product."
— Tracy Leckenby, President – Cut Rate Auto Parts

"WOW! Best business decision I've ever made, PERIOD! I'm a three store owner and I've been on a SBC Enterprise system for 4 years and I couldn't be happier! So let's go over the check list (scale of 1-10)...Integration Experience (including training) 10, System dependably 10, User friendly 10, Accounting and Purchasing program 10, Honesty and Integrity of the company 10, Customer Service 1000 (the best customer service that I have ever experienced from ANY company in my life). My B to B on-line sales (e-part connection) went up 400%, my gross profit went up 2.5%, my aggravation level towards my business operating system company when down 1000%! Sales Manager Bob Fasano was a multi-store auto parts owner for years and he understands MY business and what I need! SBC is still upgrading the software daily with new cool program enhancements that help me guide my business in the right direction. The call center is answered by experienced personnel that WILL answer your question or solve your problem! What a PLEASURE dealing with people that have enormous industry experience, knowledge and problem solving capabilities! Call me anytime and I will gladly answer any question you have about SBC and their Enterprise System!"
— Frank Baldorossi, BC Auto Parts - NJ, PA

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