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The Bill of Materials software package was designed for the manufacturing or re manufacturing of parts, engines, or any item that consists of component parts which need to be tracked and computed for the purposes of assembly. Through Bill of Materials, your inventory will be automatically updated when you finalize a work order.

Your master part number will consist of all component parts which are needed to create the master part. Each component part that makes up the master part is stored with the quantity required to make the finished master part. Bill of Materials allows you to create, edit, finalize, print, or delete work orders. The generated work order consists of a creation date and a date when the order must be completed. As an option, you may also print out the computed price of the master part. This is decided on 6 different price levels. When you decide on your price, the master part may be sold in point of sale as a one line, one price item.

With all the features described above, Bill of Materials is incredibly easy to use. Should you need assistance in any of the functions within the package, there are help screens throughout every function to assist you (should you not understand a certain function).


  • When a work order is created, the quantity on hand for all component parts are relieved
  • When a work order is completed, the master parts quantity on hand is updated
  • Help screens are available for every function
  • Ability to print a report showing master part and all component parts
  • Ability to print out work order with or without computed prices
  • Ability to generate, edit, finalize and delete work orders
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