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Sales and profit history (automatically updated from point of sale) from the past 24 months can be graphically displayed, which will minimize report printing and allows for the user to review for quick and accurate decisions!

User's can analyze this information to seek buying trends and cycles! Instantly updated customer balances through point of sale, working in conjunction with the customer's assigned credit limit, prevents customer's from charging over their credit limit! Statement and payment detail information are screen displayed for easy review! Ability to customize a pricing structure using price levels by product line and popularity code. An exception pricing matrix can also be setup which allows a customer to buy at a certain percentage above or below a specific pricing level by product line or to buy a specific part number at a specific fixed price! These tools help in maximizing your total sales dollar volume and gross profit margins!


  • All information appears on one screen and/or is accessible by 1 keystroke
  • Setup an exception pricing matrix (overrides the standard pricing matrix)
  • Store notes information within the Ship To address and have it displayed within Point of Sale
  • Up to 3 different phone numbers can be stored
  • Separate billing & shipping address information
  • Bar graph display, by month, of the following: net sales, net core sales, cost of sales, profit margin percent, number of invoices, average items per invoice, product history and profit dollars.
  • Instantly updated customer balances
  • Immediate posting of payments to open balance
  • Balance forward or Open item (pay by invoice) accounting
  • Setup flag for customers who backorder
  • Setup flag for customers who require a purchase order number
  • Tracks the number of months a customer has been on the system
  • Service charge percentages by customer will automatically be added to statements
  • Setup custom payment terms by customer to print on statements
  • Open, current, 30, 60, and 90 day balance figures
  • Screen displays the last payment date and amount
  • Screen viewable statement and payment detail information
  • Customized price levels by product line or popularity code
  • Include or exclude a customer from popularity code percentage pricing discounts or increases
  • Up to 36 salesman and report codes which can be used for report filtering purposes
  • State tax codes (up to 256 different codes which are used to break out separate tax totals)
  • Ability to exempt customers from tax
  • Tracks the total purchases/returns for each customer
  • Allows the entry of a blanket PO number
  • Ability to use a preset customer exception pricing template
  • Ability to define a specific price level or percentage above sell price to be used as the list price
  • Stores current period taxable sales and tax collect dollar
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