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Two separate minimum/maximum stocking levels, developed from seven quarters of sales history, keeps inventory up to date, discourages overstocking and guards against not having your popular selling items in stock!

Management analyzes seasonal trends by reviewing sales history and can automatically calculate and set minimum and maximum stocking levels based upon specific unit sales quarters. This powerful feature enables inventory to be safely reduced without losing sales! (Works in conjunction with purchasing). Eight pricing levels, along with the exception pricing matrix and discounting, offers you the most complete pricing matrix in the industry! Achieve maximum sales dollars and increase your profit margins!


  • All information appears on one screen and/or is accessible by 1 keystroke
  • Quantity on hand
  • Purchasing unit per package
  • Per car quantity
  • Unit weight (ounces)
  • Fixed minimum/maximum order points
  • Floating minimum/maximum order points
  • On order quantity
  • On backorder quantity
  • Customer backorder quantity
  • Warranty returns on hand
  • Core returns on hand
  • Stockouts (lost sales on stocking item)
  • Pricing Levels (8)
  • Core cost/sell prices
  • Freeze min/max flag
  • Tracking flag (updates tracking files every time item is sold - optional)
  • Serial flag (allows parts to be tracked by serial number - optional)
  • Four decimal flag (allows prices to have 4 decimal places)
  • Labor/Miscellaneous code (allows tracking for daily sales report)
  • Popularity codes
  • Descriptions (Up to 25 characters)
  • Current period history (for replenishment purchasing)
  • Sales history (7 quarters)
  • Report Codes (4)
  • On screen display of current price sheet date
  • On screen display of function key commands
  • Part numbers (Up to 21 characters)
  • Source part number entry (other vendor part number, vendor purchase from, cost/core prices from vendor, priority code, long description note and last date purchased - works in conjunction w/purchasing)
  • Pop window display of available serial numbers
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