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The Counterman update file lets management monitor the productivity and efficiency of their sales personnel by reviewing the daily and monthly sales figures, therefore improving your profits!

The number of price overrides are recorded to alert management when excessive price overrides are being performed by a specific salesperson which can decrease gross profit. This tool will help to insure that the customer is being charged the correct price management has set them up to buy at! Thus, producing better service to the customer and increasing profits! Management has the ability to review daily and monthly sales figures at any time of the day! This can be useful to determine whether there are enough sales produced in the 1st hour of business to be worth being open that early.


  • Net sales
  • Cost of sales
  • Number of invoices
  • Number of line items
  • Core sales
  • Cash sales
  • Taxable sales
  • Tax collected
  • A/R receipts
  • Charge sales
  • Number of quantity/price overrides
  • Gross receipts
  • Labor charges
  • Freight/Miscellaneous charges
  • Canadian GST tax collected
  • Displays current day and month to date totals
  • Up to 62 counterman records available
  • Defines printer assignments available for invoices and pick tickets
  • Ability to inquire what the current sales are at any time of the day
  • Daily Sales report the percentage of profit by daily & monthly sales periods
  • Monitor price changes and quantity overrides by a percentage variable
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