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Through the month end processing menu you can easily and quickly perform the functions necessary to close out your current month. Just by answering yes or no to the screen prompts, the system guides you through month end closing.


  • Less than 1 hour closing process for most businesses
  • Ability to print customer/vendor statements with the following options: with or without finance charges and calculates discount if paid by number of days specified
  • Retains statement and customer balance information for the current & prior month which allows you to print before or after the month end processing is completed
  • Automatically calculates finance charges and prepares the customer accounts for rolling the monthly sales and balance figures
  • Ability to print a sales tax report (optional)
  • Automatically rolls quarterly inventory history at the end of a quarter
  • Ability to clear the current unit sales/replenishment data (optional)
  • Ability to zero out stock outs field for all part numbers (optional)
  • Ability to clear product line sales graph information within the customer file (optional)
  • Ability to clear the lost sales records (optional)
  • Ability to print the monthly inventory report (optional)
  • Unattended month-end runs at night (optional)
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