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You have the ability to create new purchase orders using a fixed minimum/maximum (min/max) level set by management, a floating min/max level, replenishment data, or purchase orders for special items for a specific vendor.

The min/max 1 stocking level, set by management, enables you to keep orders to a minimum. You are able to review seasonal trends and set your min/max accordingly.

The floating min/max 2, which may be computer generated based upon each parts sales history and optionally for parts with a specific pop code, report code and/or active/inactive status. This allows you to take advantage of warehouse volume discounts and/or extend your billing period if large orders are required.

Seven quarters of sales history, min/max stocking levels, total on order quantity and alternate part numbers are displayed by part number when editing a purchase order. This information will aid your purchasing staff when deciding what to order. It's an extremely valuable tool when making purchasing decisions for seasonal items.

When editing a purchase order, you have the ability to adjust the quantity on hand or the cost price for a part. You can also add parts onto an existing purchase order, and delete parts from a purchase order.

You have the ability to track part numbers received. The tracked information for each part includes: vendor number, purchase order number and date, purchase price, quantity received and the original invoice number from the shipper. This valuable information can be used to determine which vendors are giving you the best prices for your parts! Note: This information can be screen viewed or printed!

Purchase orders are received easily by only noting the exceptions with the received as ordered option. You also have the ability to create purchase orders for core, warranty and new returns.


  • Ability to track part numbers received
  • Ability to name search vendors
  • Ability to print purchase orders with alternate parts and prices below each part number
  • Ability to create new purchase orders
  • Ability to edit purchase orders or backorders
  • Ability to cancel an entire purchase order
  • Ability to apply the purchase order received and cancel or backorder the remaining parts not received
  • Ability to screen review or print purchase orders and warranty/core return purchase orders
  • Ability to display or print a list of open purchase orders by vendor and purchase order number
  • Ability to regard parts with negative quantity on hands as zero when ordering
  • Ability to search for a specific part number on the purchase order
  • Ability to access the Inventory Update screen and make changes with one keystroke
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