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ACS' electronic rebate software module gives the user the ability to track specific part numbers within a product line whenever they are sold to the customer numbers setup within rebating.

The following information is tracked: invoice number and date, part number, return code (if one), quantity sold, cost each, cost total, sell each, sell total, profit dollars (excluding the rebate amount), gross profit percent (excluding the rebate amount), maximum sell price (calculated), rebate amount, profit dollars (including the rebate amount), and the gross profit percent (including the rebate amount). A rebate report will automatically be generated when the month end processing procedure is performed. The user will then give this report to the manufacturer to receive the appropriate rebate.


  • Ability to setup, by product line, the rebate percentage refunded by the manufacturer
  • Ability to define which customers are rebatable for specific product lines and optionally the a different rebate percentage (like government accounts)
  • Automatically tracks parts and the customers for reporting
  • Rebate report is automatically generated during the month end procedure
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