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All parts sold are automatically tracked for instant recall. This program will supply you with much needed information on history of sales by part number and customer to help you determine stocking levels, and or customer discount structures.

Returns of new merchandise, defects, and cores can all be handled effortlessly through point of sale. You will eliminate the need to look through mounds of invoices to determine when and if the customer purchased the part and how much he paid. When a customer returns a part or core, the screen will notify the counterman if the customer is eligible to make the return. A window will display on the screen with the invoice numbers, dates, and amounts paid for this item. They then simply select the invoice they are returning the part from and extend the line. The tracking files are updated immediately upon printing the invoice. This ensures that all data is accurate and up to date.

Sales history of part numbers not stocked will automatically be tracked. When a non-stocked part is sold in point of sale, it will be stored in a separate product line and tracking files will be updated. This will allow you to monitor the movement of these items without having them entered in your actual stocked parts.

The serialized inventory control feature allows you to track parts sold by serial number. This would be for items you stock as one part number but have a unique serial number for each one. The serial numbers add an extra level of control in that parts and their serial numbers can be tracked from the point of purchase through point of sale and then recorded in a history log. Sales data can be reviewed by part, product line, customer number or serial number.

Tracking information can be recalled instantly either to screen or printed report. The data is available by individual part number or summarized on a month by month basis. Information can also be requested to compare history based on periods determined by the user (i.e. this year versus last year). The printed report can be used to report sales for particular parts and/or product groups back to manufacturer from master installer programs.


  • Tracks parts with or without serial numbers
  • Special order/non-stocked parts tracking is automatic
  • Recall information by customer, part number, product group, description or serial number
  • On screen or printed report of tracking information in detail or summary format
  • Information available by user defined periods for comparison, this year versus last year etc.,
  • Cores, defects, and new returns are tracked by part number, invoice number, date and amount
  • Eliminates unauthorized returns by giving counterman purchase history in a window on the point of sale screen at the time of return
  • Tracking files are updated immediately upon invoice printing, no day end processing required
  • Recall one specific invoice or all invoices by customer for last month or last year
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