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eDelivery Tracking Testimonials

"eDelivery has saved us tens of thousands of dollars in driver productivity. The accountability of the drivers has increased by as much as 20%. eDelivery gives us control of every invoice and has increased the store picking time from 11 minutes to 7 minutes."
— Ernie Bloom, One Stop Parts Source

"eDelivery has had more impact than any other product I have purchased in quite a number of years. Customers have actually called to compliment our drivers' efficiency! It has started a competition between our drivers not to be on the bottom of the driver productivity list. I can't thank Autologue enough for this great delivery management tool."
— Paul Bartman, Olympic Brake

"eDelivery is the most user friendly delivery information portal I have ever seen, and its ease of use made training my dispatcher a snap. With eDelivery, I control deliveries for 8 locations with only one dispatcher. It has saved me incredible amounts of money and time, and has improved the performance of my drivers by making them more accountable. I find I get more runs per driver, and am realizing huge savings in related expenses."
— Jason Birkl, Five Star Undercar

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