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eOffice Testimonials

"eOffice is saving 3 hours a day just in sorting and filing. eOffice has eliminated an entire person at the corporate office."
— Ernie Bloom, One Stop Parts Source

"By using eOffice we have reduced the time needed to run statements down to less than 2 hours a month. Over half of our customers receive their statements by email and we no longer send invoices with statements. This has greatly reduced postage costs and time required to run and stuff statements."
— Lloyd Deckers, Central Parts and Supply of Hawarden

"Thank you for helping us with the ePaperlessOffice setup. We have only been on the program for approximately one month. We have already saved so much time by not having to copy and fax invoices to our customers. They are also delighted that they can access their accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I only wish we had made the change sooner. Thanks again for another great product that Autologue has come out with."
— Denise Enebrad, Auto Machine and Supply

"I love eOffice, the fact that I have all my customers' information at my fingertips. I don't have to look up paper copies. My customers think it's great. They can look up their own invoices and don't have to wait for me to find and fax them a paper copy."
— Debbie Holt, RL Auto Supply

"We recently signed up for eOffice after a few of our customers were asking for 'Online statements'. A few of our accounts said that they would prefer this media instead of the paper statement each month. We did not know how to start something like this, but after talking to your sales department, we were sold. With Autologue's eOffice, we no longer ship paper statements. Our customers now are able to look Online at their balances, see their itemized invoices and they love it! It really has given us an advantage over our competition. For prospective customers, not only can we offer them competitive prices, but with services like ePartConnection's Online ordering and now with eOffice Online billing, we really show forward progress and forward thinking. Keep up the good work, and thank you!"
— Scott Sloan, Hawk Industries

"eOffice has been a great time and money saving tool for us at Central Parts & Supply. We have reduced the time to run monthly statements and mailing costs by 50%. We no longer get calls from our installers for missing invoices. They can view daily activity on their account and view the signed copy of the invoice with any notes written on the invoice which saves them time tracking down invoices and allows them to do billing with confidence that they are using correct pricing before the original copy of the invoice arrives at their office. Our customers tell us they love eOffice because of the time and money it has saved them. eOffice is a great tool!"
— Lloyd Dekkers, Central Parts & Supply

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