Linking Webpages to eOffice Statement emails

Watch the video above or continue reading to see how you can take advantage of your eOffice emails

Open and log in to your store ID

Click on the miscellaneous tab:

eoffice miscellaneous tab

Click on setup statement emails:

eoffice setup statement

In the editor, add a line that will direct customers to a webpage or flyer:

eoffice setup statement

Highlight the line or single word (red circle) and click on the global link icon to bring up the link window:

eoffice adding a link

Add the URL for the webpage or promo flyer into the window and click ‘OK.’

Scroll down and select the multiple store IDs if you have them, and click ‘Save Changes’

eoffice save changes

When you run statements, your customer will receive an email with the new link that can display either a webpage or an uploaded specials flyer.

eoffice statement sample

Please reach out to customer support for any questions or help. You can give us a call at 800-722-1113.

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