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Automotive Point Of Sale Management Systems

  • PartsWatch is a cloud based Automotive POS system for single or multi-location parts stores. Supports English and French languages.
  • SBC Solutions is a Windows based point of sale system for the automotive or paint and decor industry.
  • AIS inventory management system is a fast, key driven Linux based POS system designed for medium sized automotive parts stores.
  • Autologue POS  is a Linux based system designed for the Spanish speaking automotive aftermarket.

Ecommerce Solutions and Web Applications

  • ePartConnection is the fastest automotive online B2B ordering tool providing 24/7 automotive parts sales.
  • eDelivery GPS enabled online hotshot delivery software provides signature capture and complete reporting. Optimize routes and reduce delivery times.
  • ePaperless Office online document and invoice system increases efficiency and promotes CRM.
  • eVerify guarantees order accuracy using barcodes before the order is shipped. Increase customer confidence using this powerful delivery tool.

Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing

  • eSalesBI/CRM is the ultimate sales tool for your outside sales force and includes scheduling, alerts, customer CRM, and sales information.
  • eDigitalMarketing is a complete package including a custom website, email marketing, Google Analytics, SEO, push notifications, and  VPS hosting in a secure data center.
  • Autocube is a powerful, Microsoft Excel driven Business analysis tool. Gain valuable insight into your business data real time using relational databases and our custom reporting tools.

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