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Order Accuracy with Barcode Verification

Designed to effectively verify orders via scanning barcodes before they are shipped or delivered.

A verifier can scan and verify invoices and all parts being shipped delivered. From the time the invoice is scanned a picker retrieves all parts than scans and verifies with with items ordered.

Quality Enhancing Features

  • Easy to use hand-held barcode scanner
  • Orders are processed more efficiently: after an order is picked, a verifier scans the barcoded invoice and parts.
  • You can track the time the verification reporting and accuracy of the QC process
  • Notification alerts of discrepancies regarding parts, stock variances – allow correcting these issues before any problem occurs.
  • Generate a verification report to track and list any exceptions, corrections and the completion of the QR process.
  • A log screen pop up displays the start and end times of the verification – improving personnel accountability.
  • Screen displays pertinent checkpoint guides: verified quantity, verified and out of stock inventory.
  • Promotes more efficient work standards and an effective quality-control process for your staff and your business.
Product invoice screen on PC
Verification screen on PC

Performance Proven Benefits

  • Eliminate errors on all order before any part leaves the building to ship or deliver.
  • Satisfied customer ratings will positively improve as these orders consistently deliver 100% right the first time.
  • Build customer loyalty as your improved standards of consistent, error-free service continues.
  • Increasing profits: You, as well as your customer, save money / time by eliminating labor duplication, part return downtime and repeated shipping and delivery costs.
  • Customers can work more efficiently when they receive the right part the first time.
  • Customers will increase service repair turn times and billings with your accurate deliveries.
  • More precise accounting: As barcoding is complete, the quantity is incremented for verification on the invoice & quantity inventory.
  • Build valuable CRM – increase customer confidence and strengthen your business relationships.

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