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Autologue acquires PartsWatch, AutoEase and MacCel from eBay

NEWTON, NEW JERSEY – Autologue acquires three business management systems from eBay. eBay had acquired Wrenchhead, including NexPart and their systems. They included PartsWatch, AutoEase and Maccel. PartsWatch and AutoEase are cloud-based systems. Autologue invested in and completely upgraded the data centers, adding redundancy and security. MacCel is currently used by large Jobber/Distributor customers in a warehouse environment. These three systems bring the total number of Management Systems, offered by Autologue, to eight.

Autologue continues to grow and develop new software for all of our more than 5000 locations across the US, Canada and UK.


Autologue acquires the Partner System

CANADA – Autologue acquires The Partner System – a comprehensive computer system designed exclusively for the Auto Parts Jobber. Intuitive menu-driven design, ePartConnection connectivity, compatible with eOffice online cataloging and ViSiCAT integration.


Chicago: Autologue acquires SBC Solutions – Opening Doors for the Future

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Autologue acquires SBC Solutions Inc. SBC Solutions opened Autologue’s future to Windows-based
platforms. This is the latest technology addition to Autologue’ s portfolio of Inventory Management Systems. SBC has also brought Autologue into several new vertical markets. Specifically, Shop Management, Architectural Paint and Wall Covering, and Automotive Paint and Body Equipment. SBC’s offices remain located in the Chicagoland area.


Ohio: Autologue acquires AutoCube, Business Intel Software – an invaluable tool

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Autologue acquires AutoCube, a business intelligence software, from GoToSolutions. This was an
important acquisition for Autologue as it provides a companion product for all management systems designed to use a relational database for report generation. Reports are completely customizable by the customer. AutoCube has proven to be an invaluable tool for our customers that want more out of the data their systems are creating.


AutoComLink acquired by Autologue

NORTH CAROLINA, US – Autologue acquired AutoComlink, was one of the first B2B sites in the Aftermarker. ACL is primarily used to connect Mitchell® Shop Management Systems to the Autologue family of systems for allowing customers to check stock and availability, as well as order via the internet.


New acquisition by Autologue: Datatron Ltd joins the Team

WAUKEE, IOWA – The Datatron Business Management System was specifically designed for Warehouse Distributors
with multiple locations. Datatron includes an integrated accounting package. Datatron’s developers and support
staff presently continue business operations in Waukee.


Autologue announces acquisition of Automated Inventory Systems (AIS)

SEAL BEACH, CALIFORNIA – Autologue acquired Auto Inventory Systems (AIS). This inventory management software which was originally designed for small, single-store jobbers/distributors has since then been upgraded to handle larger multi-store customers. In a matter of weeks, Autologue integrated all of their eProducts to AIS. There are over 400 AIS Systems installed today.


Autologue acquires The Parts Genie – Price Updating Service

MACON, GEORGIA – Autologue acquired The Parts Genie, located in Lawrenceville, GA. Parts Genie provides a price updating service. Current data, including prices and UPC codes are provided to subscribers. Parts Genie can be used to update all systems in the Autologue family, as well as many others.


Southeastern Express Systems acquired by Autologue

GEORGIA, US – Autologue acquired Southeastern Express Systems, they were providing software and hardware support for Activant’s (now EPICOR) non-supported Series 12 management systems. SES was also relocated to Autologue Corporate Headquarters in Buena Park, CA.


Parts Logic – Division of Computer Logic – acquired by Autologue

In February 1997, Autologue acquired the Parts Logic, a division of Computer Logic. They were the Eastern Distributor for Safeguard. By purchasing this division, Autologue Computer Systems gained complete control of the development and distribution of Autologue Computer Systems.


Jim Franco and Autologue Computer Systems, Inc.

In 1985, Autologue Computers Systems began to market and sell turnkey business management systems as the Western Distributor for Safeguard Business Systems. Autologue focused in the Automotive Aftermarket. Since then Autologue has grown to be one of the leading providers of systems and software to the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. Today, there are currently over 5,000 locations relying on Autologue’ s excellent customer support and software products.