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A leader in supplying computer solutions to retail wholesale business with a sophisticated, user-friendly, Integrated multiuser Point-of-Sale Inventory Management System.

Powerful and Easy to Use Management Tool!

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The ACS Computer System is designed to be fast, accurate and dependable and includes the latest state-of-the-art technology. This powerful multi-user microcomputer has a wide range of business applications.

Our high performance systems allow many users to share software, peripherals, mass storage and a powerful central processing unit for reduced costs on a per-user-basis. The following features make the ACS system the most powerful in the industry.


Provides an excellent solution for a high performance, flexible, expandable multi-user computer system at very affordable prices.


The point of sale program provides the necessary functions for creating and finalizing invoices as well as applying payments received on account. Through point of sale, countermen are supplied with accurate inventory and pricing information and are able to serve your customers in a quick and efficient manner. While invoice transactions are occurring, the customer, inventory, product line, counterman and tracking files are being instantly updated!

Inventory Management

Management analyzes seasonal trends by reviewing sales history and can automatically calculate and set minimum and maximum stocking levels based upon specific unit sales quarters. This powerful feature enables inventory to be safely reduced without losing sales! . Eight pricing levels, along with the exception pricing matrix and discounting, offers you the most complete pricing matrix in the industry! Achieve maximum sales dollars and increase your profit margins!


The daily sales analysis prints out daily and monthly sales by counter person using the categories as listed in the counterman update file. It lets you review the productivity and efficiency of your daily business and aid you in making intelligent management decisions based on the information in the report. In addition, it prints the gross margin profit percent and dollars.

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