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Service is Our Business.

“Advantages of fully integrated system, all pieces work together for each aspect of business needs, ordering, payroll, A/P, A/R, etc. You may use my comments.”

Denise Sailors, Automotive Warehouse Distributors

“They take care of any problem quick with very little down time.”

Thomas Comiskey, Casper Brake & Clutch

“Always ready and extremely helpful when we have an issue – Tom is awesome!.”

Kim Quinn, McKenzie’s Performance

“They have excellent support and are innovated in their thinking.”

Tommy Petersen, Maximum Auto Parts

“Professional, courteous, will get answers you need. Since I have taken over this position3 Years ago Autologue has worked with me.”

Elaine, Fair Auto Paint and Body Services

“The majority of your staff go beyond the Call of Duty when it concerns a serious problem that demands immediate attention.”

Jeff, Future Automotive

“The Autologue employees I have worked with, especially Barbara, have always been extremely helpful and friendly.”

Michele Smith, Aratari Auto Finishers

“Great tech support.”

Sharere Carr, Carr-Redwine, Inc

“The Autologue computer system is able to handle most of what you would need for your business. The customer service you receive is exceptional as well.”

Eric Berti, Berlo Fleet Service, Inc.

“Autologue has a staff that has not changed in my 10 years in doing business with them. They are experienced and knowledgeable and professional.”

Shelby Smith, Excel Bumper

“Always personally connected to a knowledgeable employee. Prompt resolution of all problems.”

Herman Berlin, The Baltimore Auto Supply Co.

“Never had a problem that couldn’t be fixed, rare in today’s world.”

Bruce Alvarez, Ace Auto Parts

“Ease of use, excellent customer service, little to no down time.”

Kevin Stallard, Don’s Auto Parts, Inc

“Very professional every time.”

David Hobbs, Precision Drive, Ltd.

“Helpline is tremendous! Gary and Steve are great, friendly and very knowledgeable.”

Ken Barness, Hop’s Place

“We feel we are valued as customers. Autologue is constantly trying to improve it’s self and we are involved with an industry leader. Pricing is very reasonable.”

Vincent Garonski, Belgrade Parts & Service

“Never any problem. Reliable.”

Mary Shields, Randolph Auto Supply

“Autologue has always been very helpful to us at a reasonable price.”

Mildred Norman, Ashburn Auto Parts

“Best experience we have ever had with a computer software company; some people that have been there for years are very knowledgeable about their product and our needs.”

Mark Humphrey, Liters Automotive Parts

“Simplicity of system, issues resolved with a phone call usually. Good staff.”

Sam Jerna, Spitzer Truck & Ind.

“Very courteous, knowledgeable, and willing to work with us until problem is solved.”

Tommie Bonu, Elder Paint & Wallpaper

“very experienced. They have always solved my questions very fast.”

Richard Bullock, Mac’s Auto Supply

“Good services and fast.”

Arnold Coello, Big A Auto Parts

“System handles our needs well, support is good, reasonable costs.”

Tom Burnett, All Car Parts

“Autologue provides prompt and accurate service.”

Eric Kim, Ted’s Auto parts

“Good product, good service!”

Ross McFarland, Chequered Parts

“Very easy to use and navigate. Great customer service.”

Dani Knight, Mr. Automotive

“I have been doing business with your company for over 20 years so that says a lot in my book right there.”

Brenda Smith, AJ Foyt Paint and Supplies

“Very easy to work with, even dealing with over-stressed computer un-saavy people.”

Gene Guttormsen, Gunnar’s Auto Supply, Inc.

“Efficient, reachable for support, software does most of what we need, easy to use/learn.”

Jenny Howgos, Accounting, Transportation Equip Co.

“Great system/good price/good service.”

John Gabrielsen, Gabe’s Auto Parts

“I would say We use Autologue and they are great and really work hard to make things right for us.”

Jane Dixon, Baum’s Auto Supply

“Very complete, always available when we have a problem.”

Jonethan Sobel1, ZAKJ Corp

“Very friendly and good customer service.”

John Kim, Nation Auto Parts

“They have always helped us quickly in the past.”

Mike Marcote, Don-Ray Auto Parts

“Very helpful in any problems I have.”

Craig Mannschreck, Utica Parts & Service

“Very satisfied – few problems and good tech service.”

Larkin Ranney, C&R Automotive

“Friendly, prompt, consistent, professional.”

Jean Taliaferron, Tape

“Everyone at Autologue goes out of their way to help me whenever I have a problem. They are friendly, courteous, and when they don’t know the answer, they find someone who does.”

Carol Prunell, George E. Young Auto

“Very integrated program within the distribution side and very adaptable to each product.”

Kimberly Sheedy, Delavan Auto Parts

“Friendly hotline staff.”

Tammy Williamson, MCK Tool & Supply

“Training was thorough and complete. Very easy to use. All questions were answered quickly. All problems corrected quickly. Very helpful always.”

Dee Schultz, Ben’s Truck Repair, Inc.

“We moved to a SBC system this year and it was a pretty smooth transition.”

Jill Craig, Discount Import

“Valuable service.”

Lauri Heidrich, Jacksons Auto Supply

“Most of our questions are answered promptly and advice is handy.”

Tom Bray, Tom’s Automotive, Inc

“I don’t even know of any other company that even comes close to your service and commitment.”

Gary Carlson, Carlson’s Auto Parts

“Very helpful with problems and fixed in a timely manner.”

Robert Garrett, Tom’s Automotive

“Very satisfied they help us as quickly as possible.”

Kelly Antonse, Kellys Auto Parts, Inc.

“Very knowledgeable at solving my problems.”

Lynn Matthews, Matthews Foreign Car

“Great program for adding/linking part numbers. Great program for a large distributor. Autologue is also very easy to learn and use.”

Trish Smith, Air Parts

“Committed to excellence, very responsive, consistently willing to solve problems.”

Mark Levine, Towers Motor Parts Corp.

“They’ll take care of you and are always available.”

Brian Smalley, H&K Supplies, Inc.

“They call right back and are always helpful.”

Pamela Dale, Lindys Automotive Whse, Inc.

“Prompt and efficient service. Always pleasant with desire to help us.”

Shelbie Jeane Bryant, P.C. Clark Supply, Inc.

“We have ALWAYS gotten help with our problems quickly. When we have questions they are very helpful and tell us what we need to know.”

Chris B, Bayard Automotive

“Very knowledgeable at solving my problems.”

Lynn Matthews, Matthews Foreign Car

“Autologue program does not go down. Any problem is responded to right away. People are always friendly.”

Richard Blaess, Neptune Auto Supply

“Positive experience. No problems ever. Always had a good experience with company.”

Mary Bender, J&M Specialties

“We have dealt with Bill Ballestrini for 20 years and find him excellent.”

Dan Green, Advance Auto Care, Ltd.

“The program is very user-friendly and the tech support is great.”

Carol Saxton, Martin Auto Parts II

“Great, quick, knowledgeable, and professional. Able to answer and assist any questions.”

Maurice Albanese, magnum Automotive, Inc.

“The entire system is very customer friendly and you have great support staff.”

Larna Schiecke, Bill’s Service, Inc.

“WOW!, how knowledgeable you are!”

David Burr, Johnny’s Auto Parts

“SBC/Autologue has a simple platform to use and the customer service always helps when there’s a problem.”

Ryan Donnell, Brake & Truck Supply

“It works well, always improving, help is instantly available, and E-part is well accepted.”

Randy Van Kuiken, Master Auto Supply

“All the people we deal with are great – if they don’t know , they find out quickly and contact us back.”

Mike Dolimpio, Delta Motor Sports, Inc.

“Those I have dealt with are very nice and knowledgeable of our software.”

Mae Lynne Edwards, Jack Edwards Sales & Service


Ruby Degbashyan, Undercar Plus

“Good stuff… try them!”

Bruno Orsi, 2Way Automotive

“One system for billing, inventory, & accounting”

Bill Lattierre, Monroe Motor Products Corp.

“Easy to use and understand, good customer service”

Josh Polikowksy, Power Componets

“Autologue has great products and excellent people working there. everyone is personable and my concerns are always answered quickly.”

Lowell Lysinger, POJA Warehouse

“Reduces phone calls & lets your customers check your stock & price based on their account then prints a pick ticket on your printer. Would highly recommend…”

Albert Ricci, Al’s On Line Auto

“We have the partner system and are very happy with it and the support Bill gives us.”

Brenda Nelson, Hillsdale Truck & Auto Supply LTD.

“For the service i am using, the limited employees that i have encountered are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, patient as willing to do whatever they can to help… appear to be very aggressive with new programs”

Fred Forsythe, Forsythe Motor Parts

“Not only did we make a great decision to partner with SBC, the support has been without question the best!!! We never have to wait for an answer to a problem or request… Great folks…”

Larry Middleton, Mobile Paint Manufacturing Co., Inc.

“Our system is very user friendly. It almost always has a provision to do what we need to do.”

Jan M. Leaty, Mr. Auto

“Truly understand the distribution business and are always willing to create what we need if it does not exist.”

Dave Fitzgerald, Upstate Auto Body Warehouse

“To go into Autologue with your exact needs written out so they can implement the system around the customer’s needs.”

Deanna Beer, Western Automotive Warehouse

“Your product works efficiently always. Your support people are exceptional and solve any issue on the spot.”

Margaret Halford, Diamond Diesel Service. Inc.

“Wonderful product with knowledgeable personnel when assistance is needed.”

Angelica Pina, Bay Counties Diesel Service

“Autologue has many various tools to help you promote your product and sales.”

Cathy, Kohlweiss

“I have had the Autolouge system for a good 10 years and always has been good to me,I can look up anything in a second.”

Larrys Trak

“Great company and my question are always answered!!”

Tina Boane, Rippey Auto Parts

“Dependable platform, Great service, new products and updates. What else is there!”

Frank, BC Auto Parts

“Most cut overs will take 1-5 days we were down on Friday night and backup on Monday We did not loose a sale in the cutover. Have a great day, Thank you” “4 star service”

Brandon, Bordens Auto Parts

“I tell them the overall experience is very good, and we have been a customer of yours for 20+ years. Overall very good service both over the phone and in person whatever the question or need.”

Gary Lupardo, G. J. Automotive Equipment Co. Inc.

“Accurate system, fast and trouble free. Always corrects any problems”

Brian Carpenter, Willow House Paints

“Main reason is Tom Kennedy!! Tom is SO knowledgeable and helpful!”

David E. Weeks, Palmer Springs Co.

“We have been with SBC since 1990 and we feel they have been able to keep up with the market trends on technology. SBC has always been willing to listen to our concerns and wish list for updates or special request with the system. They have always been the YES we can do that people.”

Tony Izzo, Silver Lead Co.

“Support and training are awesome”

Judy Beck, Kaestner Auto Electric Co.

“Autologue provides great service and technology to take you from the present to the future.”

John Tillema, Lincolnway Auto Supply

“We have very few problems with our Autologue system, and I speak to Gary and Steve on the technical side of things whenever there is an issue. They are both very helpful and always resolve my problem in a timely manner.”

Matt, Kearsarge Auto Parts Inc.

“Easy to use. Terrific support staff.”

Noel Chernosky, Prime Products of Connecticut

“Affordable with more room for our business to grow with some new technology.”


“The company and staff are very knowledgeable and courteous.”

Heather Wagner, Hess Tire & Auto Parts Inc

“Great customer service and always available to speak to.”

Natalie Henderson, Canadian Auto Stores Ltd.

“I have had nothing but good experiences with this company. They are available it seems at all hours and are very friendly, helpful and professional. I have never had a question or problem that hasn’t been addressed in a timely manner.”

Tracie Eighinger, Ashland Muffler House, Inc

“System set up for parts stores but needs to look at what others offer and keep up with the times. Web based system with smart equipment technology access thru phones windows based programs”

Central Truck & Oil Supply Inc.

“Reliable, always answer questions or problems quickly. Friendly. Consistent.”

Emily Marquez, Transportation Rental & Sales, Inc

“Always trying to update and improve current programs.”

Jan Daily, O’Leary Paint Co.

“Autologue is easy to work with and always get someone on the phone when calling never an answering machine.”

Pamela White, Radke Auto Parts

“The program and support is outstanding”

Hector Ramirez, Drive Train Inc.

“I would say that Datatron/Autologue has everything we need. More importantly that your customer service is wonderful! The guys are always friendly and very willing to help and really know their stuff. Nobody has ever made me feel like they are too busy to help me. Occasionally I end up having to contact a second person but that usually happens when I don’t really know who I should have called in the first place. I would also say that you’re always trying to make things better and very open to suggestions from your customers.”

Joni, Behrens Supply Company

“We have been very satisfied with the results of using Autologue.”

Susan Bryan, Converters Unlimited Inc.

“We have used this system for 16 years and have been completely satisfied. It is a solid system.”

Denny Smith, Al Smith Paint & Decorating Center

“Autologue is providing us a reliable product that is easy and simple to use for our customers. When a problem occurs, it is always fix with almost no delay. Finally our account manager is always there to support us with everything we need.”

Simon Robitaille, Monaco Group

“Customer support is very good”

Paul Rainville, McLaughlins Garage and Auto Parts

“Will work with you on any level.”

Donna, Donnas Auto Parts

“It is a very dependable quality product.”

Jeff Rader, Congress Auto Parts

“We have used Autologue for 29 years, the system and support has more than meet our needs.”

Brent Gowers, Felt Auto Co.

“I have always had a good experience with Bob Fasano. He’s a great rep for your company.”

Van Zeigler, PGP Service

“Everyone has been very helpful in every way, no matter what the issue was about. We have always gotten professional help in a timely manner.”

Rebecca D. Holloway, The Holloway Co Inc.

“Easy to use the system. Friendly people.”

Drew Boals, Ace Engine & Parts

“Your staff is knowledgeable, helpful and reliable.”

Alma, Universal Exchange Inc.